Ouderdom: 18 Jaar
Graad: Graad 10
Skool: Noordelike akademie
Provinsie: Gauteng

The Cinderella fit

My idea is to provide shoes for ladies with a shoe size higher the 8, that are fashionable, modern and comfortable aswell as price reasonable. ( the reason for my idea is because women with bigger feet struggle to find shoes that fit correctly and comfortably , not only the struggle for comfort but aswell as fashionable/pretty.) I want to make shoe shoping convenient for ladies as it should be, without having to shop by the men’s section for shoes that fit.

The only stores that provide or keep quantities of size 8 shoes and higher for ladies are in Mr price, pep, and Donna Claire, even thou Donna Claire caters for Biggers sizes but shoes are much wider. I will provide up-sized affordable shoes for ladies with bigger feet.

Lameez Thomas