Ouderdom: 13
Fase: Ho√ęrskool
Graad: 7
Skool: Laerskool Bakenkop
Provinsie: Gauteng

The KOI Boy

My company is called The KOI boy. I specialise in assisting people to buy the correct pumps and UV lights for their Dream KOI ponds. I also look after KOI fish that have become ill and need extra care, once they are healthy I find them new homes where they will get the attention the deserve. In 2022 I rescued 3 large KOI form a pond that was fitly, and when I got them home the female stated laying eggs, so I now have over 200 baby KOI which I will grow and sell in the summer next year. I also earned a days wages , buy assisting another customer with the catching of KOI and the cleaning of his pond. To date my shareholders (mom and dad) have funded the KOI Boy, but I made a small amount of money on the purchase and shipping of 1 filter and 2 UV lights to a customer. I use all my birthday money to buy good quality fish food.